Vault Information aggregator dashboard

Utilizing Revault DeFi Search Engine find the best places for each asset in terms of yield, security, and TVL

The vault information aggregator is designed to empower users with the ability to conduct intricate comparisons among the options presented by our search engine. The search dashboard will furnish users with two distinct view types:

1. Basic View:

  • This simple view furnishes users with key high-level information for each vault.

  • Information included:

    • Current Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

    • Current Total Value Locked (TVL)

    • Security Score

2. Pro View:

  • The detailed view provides an in-depth exploration of various indicators, accessible exclusively to REVA token holders.

  • Information provided:

    • Comprehensive historical yield analysis

    • Historical Total Value Locked (TVL) trends

    • Thorough security report

    • Holistic risk analysis

This feature-rich approach equips users with the tools to make well-informed decisions by offering both a quick overview and an in-depth analysis of each vault. The vault information aggregator thus not only simplifies the comparison process but also empowers users to engage with the data on their own terms.

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