Reactive Dapp Technologies and Architecture high-level overview

The Revault platform's architecture is built on robust foundations:

  1. Progressive Web App (PWA): Developed using React, offering a seamless and responsive user interface on the web.

  2. Revault Mobile App: Built natively with Java for Android and Swift for iOS, delivering optimal performance and user experience.

  3. Reactive State Management: Utilizing a Redux store API wrapped in an RxJS observable, ensuring a reactive state that updates with each blockchain block.

  4. Blockchain Connection: Websockets will connect to dedicated nodes deployed across continents for each supported chain. The first node updating the block number will synchronize the app state. If data is missing, other nodes will fill in the gaps.

  5. GraphQL Integration: Employing graphql-rxjs to define the protocol. graphql-tools will manage a cache that updates only required data per block, optimizing efficiency.

  6. Component Interaction: React components will subscribe to changes through the Redux store, generating subscriptions for each client state, enhancing real-time interactivity.

This well-structured architecture ensures seamless user experiences across platforms while leveraging reactive state management, robust blockchain connections, and efficient GraphQL-based data handling.

react: reduxe store api: graphql-rxjs: graphql-tools:

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