The Technology

In 2021, the adoption of Bitcoin stood at approximately 1.3% of the global population, while DeFi protocols were utilized by merely 0.06% of individuals. This limited usage can be attributed to three primary challenges plaguing the DeFi space:

  1. Security Concerns: The heightened risk associated with DeFi dissuades newcomers and those lacking expertise. The absence of adequate tools to comprehend and manage these risks generates apprehension among potential users.

  2. Unsatisfactory User Experience (UX): Decentralized applications (Dapps) currently offer a suboptimal user experience. Unlike applications interacting with centralized services, there's a need for Dapp clients exclusively tailored for decentralized services, minimizing friction in user interaction.

  3. Daunting Entry Barrier: The initial knowledge required to access DeFi protocols is substantial. Navigating DeFi demands familiarity with tasks such as utilizing blockchain wallet software to engage with smart contracts and funding them.

Addressing these hurdles promises to elevate DeFi adoption rates. The Revault network team possesses the necessary expertise, resources, experience, and connections to tackle these challenges by introducing:

  1. The Inaugural DeFi Search Engine - Similar to how Google indexed websites in the 90s, this search engine catalogues DeFi protocols, serving as a central hub that aggregates investment options from the DeFi landscape. It streamlines the selection process by filtering the most suitable choices.

  2. The Revault Protocol - This protocol simplifies and enhances access to DeFi protocols, allowing users to seamlessly navigate between various options for investments.

  3. The Revault Platform - Built atop the Revault protocol, this decentralized application offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the intricate process of exploring and interacting with DeFi investment opportunities.

  4. Revault DeFi Academy - A comprehensive DeFi 101 interactive course designed to onboard even the most inexperienced users. Starting from the basics, it guides users through Binance's ecosystem—beginning with purchasing BNB through a credit card on to swapping and depositing into vaults on BSC via the Revault platform. Moreover, advanced courses will cover topics like DeFi risk analysis and the creation and deployment of smart contracts.

These tools—The DeFi search engine, the Revault protocol, the Revault platform, and the Revault DeFi academy—constitute the arsenal of the Revault Network DAO, serving its mission to facilitate the widespread adoption of DeFi.

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