Vault Execution Engine

Best option found, now what?

Navigating the investment process, even after discovering the optimal option, can be a complex undertaking. Several challenges often arise:

  1. Asset Holding Complexity: Holding the specific assets required for an investment can be intricate, particularly when dealing with LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens.

  2. Smart Contract Interaction: Executing the investment entails interacting with the smart contract, often necessitating engagement with provider applications.

  3. Ongoing Monitoring: After investment, continuous monitoring becomes essential. The search for superior alternatives must persist, while guarding against potential exploits remains a concern.

To tackle these challenges, the Revault Platform introduces the DeFi execution engine. This engine is crafted with modularity, ensuring effortless integration of new protocols. With the addition of a new protocol, automatic support is conferred for fundamental actions like depositing, withdrawing, tracking pending profits, and claiming pending profits.

This structure enables the introduction of a rebalancing functionality, simplifying the reallocation of funds between different vaults. The Zap&Deposit feature further streamlines the process, enabling users to enter positions smoothly while maintaining predetermined portfolio holdings.

In essence, the DeFi execution engine is designed to streamline interactions across a myriad of smart contracts and blockchains. By breaking down complexities and automating essential tasks, the platform enhances the user experience while bolstering the efficiency of investment processes.

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