The Revault Platform

The Revault Platform is an open-source decentralized application (Dapp) constructed atop the Revault Protocol, designed to facilitate efficient interaction with DeFi protocols.

1. Vault Information Aggregator Dashboard:

  • In the initial phase, the platform offers a dashboard that aggregates information from various vaults.

  • The Revault DeFi Search Engine is harnessed to assist users in identifying the optimal investment opportunities based on yield, security, and Total Value Locked (TVL).

  • A multi-chain search engine functionality is in development to expand this capability across multiple blockchain networks.

2. Vault Execution Engine:

  • This feature streamlines the process of executing vault-related actions.

  • Users can seamlessly perform operations such as "zap and deposit" to get funds into the vaults and execute rebalancing maneuvers.

  • Plans are in place to introduce cross-chain rebalancing, enhancing the efficiency of asset allocation across different blockchains.

3. DeFi Investment Engine:

  • The platform's evolution introduces a basic screen dashboard for users to manage their DeFi investments.

  • A more advanced feature entails the creation of smart crypto Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) that bear yield.

  • Eventually, the platform aims to introduce a copy trading mechanism for smart crypto ETFs, allowing users to replicate the investment strategies of successful portfolios.

In essence, the Revault Platform not only simplifies the user experience of DeFi interactions but also evolves to offer increasingly sophisticated tools for optimizing investments, making it easier for users to access the benefits of DeFi in a user-friendly and efficient manner.

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