DeFi vaults are specific asset yield optimizing strategies.

What is a Vault?

A vault is essentially a smart contract using different strategies aiming to provide maximized returns, where users can invest their assets.

How does Revault Network find the best APY?

Instead of taking the info from the different vault websites, our protocol actively invests a small amount in each vault, and measures the APY actively. This way we make sure we are not relying on someone else’s information and also create our own data sets for our next features releases.

Which vaults will be presented on Revault Network?

We created the protocol in a way it is super easy and simple to add support for more vaults. Pretty soon every vault out there that passes our vetting system will become part of our network.

How do vaults get added to Revault Network?

Currently the Revault team decides which project will be integrated next based on a combination of security and yield analysis. Projects are always welcome to post a request for listing.

Soon we will release the vault integration pipeline in order to accelerate the protocol expansion speed.

How can a project add their vaults to Revault Network?

We encourage every vault not integrated to our platform to reach out to our team members and ask to initiate our vetting process.

What is rebalancing?

In Revault, rebalancing means to relay your funds from vault A to vault B.

How do Revault Network rebalances the users funds?

Revault shows you the best performing vaults at any given time. In case another vault takes the lead after you already deposited your assets in the previous best yield generating vault, the platform will automatically relay your funds to the better performing one without having to do anything on your side.

Why can’t someone just do this themselves?

The simple answer would be that they can. In the same sense, one can simply search for hours for a specific domain but it is more fun to just Google it. Revault aims to eliminate the 2 biggest pains in Defi: Finding the best pools to invest in and maintain that position in the most profitable way. Instead of taking a bet on a certain vault, Revault brings all the relevant vaults to the user and saves him many hours of hard labour and maintaining them.

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