What is the total supply of $REVA?

18,181,818 $REVA

Is there any constant buy pressure for this token?

Revault uses a number of built-in mechanisms to create a constant buy pressure. The two main mechanisms are:

  • Every time a Revaulter decides to liquidate its position, 30% of its profits will be converted to $REVA before being sent to its wallet.100% of Vault’s native tokens profits from auto compounding on Revault will be swapped for $REVA.

You can find more information about the Tokenomics of Revualt Network and how we keep the REVA token resilient in the following blog post - https://revaultnetwork.medium.com/revaults-token-economics-e9bef267d9d2

What is the utility for REVA token?

REVA serves both as a governance token enabling its holders to vote on different protocol proposals and at the same time, as a token representing the right to receive some of Revault’s rewards generated from the many vaults it has to offer. $REVA holders may also stake their tokens in the $REVA single asset pool and earn further tokens and access to premium features for doing so.

What is the project doing with the BNB raised on the crowd sale?

We use 100% of it as liquidity with another 2.5% of the total supply and lock it for 2 years. After 2 years the LP is unlocked and will be held by the treasury subject to the DAO decision.

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