Revault DeFi Investment Engine

Revault DeFi Investment Engine is a tool that allows semi-automatic smart crypto assets exposure

The investment engine within the platform empowers users to holistically manage their investments across the DeFi landscape. Not only can they efficiently identify optimal investment opportunities using the search engine dashboard and seamlessly invest in the best-suited options, but they can also optimize their positions for maximum yield and security. This entails crafting and overseeing the entire portfolio's investment structure, strategically allocating assets to generate returns.

Upon defining their portfolio's structure, the investment engine's rebalance and zap&deposit features come into play, facilitating the maintenance of the predetermined structure and thereby creating a yield-bearing Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF).

For instance, consider this hypothetical example:

Portfolio Structure:

  • BUSD: 10%

  • BNB: 25%

  • BTC: 25%

  • ETH: 25%

  • CAKE: 15%

Corresponding Vaults:

  • BUSD: Bunny (Venus)

  • BNB: Beefy (Venus)

  • BTC: Acryptos (Channels)

  • ETH: Acryptos (Atlantis)

  • CAKE: Autofarm (Mars)

Users can construct these custom smart ETFs, which can not only be monitored but also copied by other users. The platform will recognize top-performing smart ETFs and reward their creators monthly, fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation.

This investment engine transforms the platform into a comprehensive tool, not just for investment discovery and execution, but also for effective portfolio management, empowering users to actively engage in the dynamic world of DeFi while sharing their strategies with the community.

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