What blockchains are Revault on?

The Revault Network platform is a cross-chain DeFi vault search engine, therefore, we strive to operate on every blockchain that is worth it, Revault has launched and is currently available on Binance Smart Chain and Fantom, and additional blockchains (Polygon, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Avax etc.) will be available according to the development and product plans.

Is Revault audited?

Yes. The project already started the process of being audited by Certik and Paladin. More audits will be announced soon. You can check audit status in the following links:

Are there any risks in using the protocol?

Although Revault is audited by multiple auditors, general smart contract risks exist like with any other DeFi project. Since Revault is a relay protocol, relaying funds to a certain vault exposes it to the said vault risks.

Will there be more features coming?

Revault devs already working on features to be added to the protocol to ensure our users will have the best, hassle free, experience on DeFi space. You can find more information in our roadmap.

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