Updated roadmap with new Team

Phase 1

  • Acquisition of Revault Network

  • Bug fixes and code updates

  • Implement updated Tokenomics

  • Update existing and add additional Vaults

  • Website update and upgrade

  • Bridge/Swap widget integration (Swing.XZY)

  • Affiliate marketing implementation

  • Audit/Insurance integration

Phase 2

  • Onboarding additional projects and services (Lending/Borrowing)

  • Expand BSC and Fantom Vaults providers

  • Polygon Integration and onboard vault providers and products

Phase 3

  • Revault Search bar widget

  • Portfolio dashboard with P+L and account balances per product

  • Automatic Vault rebalancing (With Orbs L3 Guardians)

  • Integrate Credit Card rail (Moonpay)

  • Valid Network security score widget

  • Security Score Rebalancing feature

Phase 4

  • Integrate Fund Manager Vaults

  • Build TVL through fund manager investment drive

  • Investment engine and yield bearing ETFs

  • Stable vault (expand BUSD vault to support USDT, USDC, and DAI) as initial infrastructure for cross-chain rebalancing reserve (ReUSD)

  • Cross-chain rebalancing for stablecoins

Phase 5

  • International marketing drive

  • Ethereum & Arbitrum integration and onboard Vault providers and products

  • AVAX integration and onboard Vault providers and products

Phase 6

  • Capping TVL rewards (REVA holdings X100 per asset)

  • Launching Notifications feature for Revault vaults and assets

  • Liquidity bonding integration (expanding farming and adopting OlympusDAO liquidity model)

  • Additional CEX listing Partnership with CEX/fund/wallet to introduce their users to DeFi

  • Withdrawalif feature - Conditional withdraw if certain conditions are met

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